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EBM Resources

Introduction to the Guide

This guide lists, describes, and links out to the the free and subscription-based evidence-based medicine resources available to you via the Web and the FIU Medical Library. It is divided into the following tabs: 

What is Evidence Based Medicine and How Can Librarians Help?

  • This page contains slide set that briefly reviews Evidence-Based Medicine in the context how librarians can help. We can assist you with navigating the overwhelming amount of literature, querying bibliographic databases, documenting the steps of your search, and citing your sources when it comes time to reference where you got your information.

The Processing of Evidence.

  • Many proponents of Evidence-Based Medicine categorize evidence based on how it has been processed. Evidence can fall into three broad categories: Non-appraised Research (also known as primary evidence or unfiltered evidence) which usually consists of individual studies or individual documented observations (examples include include RCTs, other controlled clinical trials, case-controlled cohort studies, case reports and case series); Critically Appraised Research (also known as secondary evidence or filtered evidence) which evaluates and synthesize multiple studies (these may include synopses of studies, systematic reviews, and synopses of systematic reviews); and finally, Summaries and Guidelines (which may include professional clinical practice guidelines, clinical pathways, point-of-care tools, and evidence updates). Some instructors and practitioners of EBM will even include an additional category called Computerized-Decision Support Systems. These consist of new and evolving technology that is too new and still evolving to be addressed in this guide.

The 6s Pyramid of Evidence

  • There are many versions of EBM pyramids that indicate what type of literature will provide you with the type of evidence you should consult given your clinical situation.  The one featured on this guide is based off of research done by RB Haynes and colleagues.

Sources of Evidence. 

  • This tab recommends websites and subscription-based resources where you can go to find information at each level of the pyramid.  Many of these resources point you to information from not just one but multiple levels of the pyramid.  The websites and databases named on this page are not mutually exclusive and may appear repeatedly as they good sources of literature/information for multiple evidence types.


In the future, this guide will include sections about the following:

Keeping Up with the Literature.​ ​

  • This will include recommended strategies from seasoned physicians for realistically consuming evidence updates. These include alerting systems, and e-mail digests.​

Leading Authorities on EBM.

  • ​This LibGuide is still in the process of being constructed. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Roth at 305-348-0680 or
Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Medical Library
305 348-1466 (phone)
305 348-0631 (fax)
11200 SW 8th Street, GL 380
Miami, FL 33199