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The Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP: English

General Resources in English

Breastfeeding Education Materials

The Basics - gives new mothers an overview of breastfeeding to help them and their newborns get off to a good start (English)

The First Days - explains common situations new mothers face as they begin to learn the rewarding skill of breastfeeding (English)

The First Weeks - addresses issues such as nursing frequency and baby's physiological response to mother's milk (English)

Latching On - explores techniques to enable mothers to nurse efficiently while avoiding sore nipples (English)

Positions - describes a variety of positions mothers can use to hold their babies for comfortable and successful breastfeeding (English)


General Diabetes Patient Education Handouts 
- Checking the Sugar in Your Blood if You Have Diabetes
- Understanding Pills You Take for Your Diabetes
- Diabetes and a More Active Lifestyle
- Healthy Eating and Diabetes
- Blood Sugar Too High or Too Low?
- Can I Get Diabetes?
- Insulin and Diabetes
- Diabetes and Your Mood


Low Sodium Diet (English)

Low Potassium Diet  (English)

Low Phosphate Diet (English)

Renal Diet  (English)

Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Bacterial Vaginosis (English)

Chlamydia (English

Genital Herpes (English

Gonorrhea (English) 

HPV Infection (English

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (English

Syphilis (English

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