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How to Find a Full-Text Article: Home

Find out whether the Medical Library has the full-text for the article you need!

Find a Full-Text Article without the Library Toolbar

Do you have access to the full-text of the article you found in PubMed? Enter PMID and find out!

  • Case 1:
    Looking for articles outside medicine that are not indexed in PubMed? Try FIU's Citation Linker.
  • Case 2:
    If you have the Library Toolbar installed on your computer, you can just click the PMID that appears as a hyperlink in each PubMed article record.
    See the instruction below.
  • Case 3:
    If you do NOT have the toolbar installed, Go to FIU's PubMed.
    • Use
    • Do NOT USE for this feature
    • Search for the article you want.
    • Look for the "FIND @ FIU" icon on the right hand corner as shown below.
    • Click and find out if FIU Medical Library subsribes to the full-text of the article and if you can get a copy for free through the library.

Find a Full-Text Article with the Library Toolbar

The FIU Medical Library offers full-texts for many medical journals and articles.

Did you find the article in PubMed?

Here are the steps to find out if the library has the full-text for the article you need.
NB. For this you will need to install the library toolbar on either FireFox or Chrome. (IE is not supported.)

  • Get the PMID (PubMed ID).
    The PMID is a unique identifier for an article indexed by PubMed and found in any PubMed record as shown below.

  • Copy the PMID.
  • Go to Citation Linker.
  • Paste the PMID into the PMID field as shown below.
  • Press "Look Up".

  • The Citation Linker will display links for Article and Journal if the full-text of the article is available from the library.
  • Click the 'Article' link to get hte full-text as shown below.
  • What if the result says there is no full-text?
    The library can get a copy for you through the interlibrary loan.
    Fill out the Article Request Form and make sure to include the PMID of the article you want.

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