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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Hospitals

All links go directly to the following organizations' COVID-19 content.

Resources for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

American Hospital Association (AHA)

  • COVID-19 Updates and Resources - The American Hospital Association (AHC) is working with the CDC, and other federal, state and local partners to respond to COVID-19 outbreak. This part of AHA's website offers healthcare administrators and practitioners information about how to isolate new patients known or suspected of having the virus; communicate with local public health officials about new cases;  protect health care workers on the front lines; and deal with concerns about limited supplies. It also has advice on FDA and CMS guidance, telehealth and virtual care, organizational planning, and capacity planning.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

  • COVID-19 For Healthcare Professionals - The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is the nation’s health protection agency that focuses particularly on public health and safety threats. It is the leading governmental source of guidance in times public health crises. Its COVID-19 resources for healthcare professionals include clinical care guidance, evaluation and testing, infection control, protecting healthcare workers, optimizing PPE supplies, information for first responders, and guidance for non-US facilities. In addition to aiding healthcare professionals, administrators, and scientists, the CDC also provides expert guidance for the public.

Joint Commission

  • COVID-19 Updates and Resources - The Joint Commission has created this resource to support healthcare professionals and organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the overwhelming amount of information being generated around this public health crisis the Joint Commission is trying to provide only the information that best meets the needs of health care workers and leaders. This site provides information about PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators, staffing, dealing with capacity surges, laboratory services, nurisng care centers, mental health sources, behavioral health care, and advocacy for federal resources.

World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Country and Technical Guidance - The WHO directs and coordinates international health within the United Nations system. Its COVID-19 site contains guidance for critical preparedness, national laboratories, risk communication and community engagement, early investigation protocols, country-level coordination, clinical care, operational support and logistics, humanitarian operations, infection protection and control, and guidance for schools, workplaces, and institutions. Its team performs international surveillance, deploys rapid response teams, carries out case investigation, and also tracks down the original source of the outbreak. In addition to aiding healthcare professionals, administrators, and scientists, the WHO also provides expert guidance for the public.

Personal Protective Equipment, Testing, Instrumentation, Infection Prevention

  AAMI - (Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation)

  • AAMI Coronavirus Updates - AAMI is the primary source of consensus standards, both national and international, for the medical device industry, as well as practical information, support, and guidance for healthcare technology and sterilization professionals. It has created a special resource page for addressing the COVID-19 outbreak.

  APIC - (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology)

  • APIC Covid-19 Resources - APIC members are nurses, physicians, public health professionals, epidemiologists, microbiologists, or medical technologists who serve as infection prevenionists (IPs). They collect, analyze, and interpret health data in order to track infection trendse; stablish scientifically based infection prevention practices and collaborate with the healthcare team to assure implementation. They also educate healthcare personnel and the public about infectious diseases and how to limit their spread.

  ASTM - (American Society for Testing and Resources) 

  • ASTM Covid-19 Resources - ASTM International is providing no-cost public access to important ASTM standards used in the production and testing of personal protective equipment - including face masks, medical gowns, gloves, and hand sanitizers - to support manufacturers, test labs, health care professionals, and the general public as they respond to the global COVID-19 public health emergency.
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