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RefWorks: Export/Import
in Refworks

Import and Export Refworks Citations

If someone shared citations in RefWorks, you can view them and create bibliographies.

But if you want to edit and organize them, you have to export them first and then import them into your own RefWorks account.


  1. Open the link you have received. You will see a list of citations shared with you.
  2. You may select only a selection of citations to import or import all citations.
  3. Click 'Share & Export'.
    (See the green box below.)
  4. In the pop-up window, check the option for 'Export references'.
  5. Then for 'Export References,' select 'BibTeX' or 'RIS format'.
    (See the red arrow below.)
  6. Click 'Export'.
  7. A text file will be saved to your computer.



  1. Send or receive the file from your computer. (Make sure to remember where you saved it and the name).
  2. Click '+' or 'import' on the far left of the top menu bar.
  3. In the pop-up menu, select 'Import references' where you may select to import from another citation manager (RefWorks or Medeley) or import from a file (formats include but not limited to: RIS, BibTeX, and PubMed, etc.).
  4. The citations shared with you are now imported into your RefWorks account.

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