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Performing Research in Medical Education: MeSH Terms, MeSH Subheadings, Keywords

This guide is designed to give you a basic overview of searching the top databases for education literature, a list of keywords and MeSH terms, as well as case findings.

MeSH Terms for Medical Education

Curriculum (1966)


Competency-Based Education (1991(1979))


Education (1966)

Education, Distance (1999)

Education, Professional (1998)

Education, Medical (1966-1970)

Education, Medical, Undergraduate (1973(1971))

Education, Medical, Graduate (1966)

Education, Medical, Continuing (1966)

Educational Measurement (1966)

Educational Technology (1996)

Internship and Residency (1966)

Interdisciplinary Studies (2011)


Problem-Based Learning (1995)


Self-Assessment 2011 (1969)


Surveys and Questionnaires 2016 (1973)


Teaching (1966)


Teaching Materials (1974)


Teaching Rounds (2010)

Test Taking Skills (2011)

Role-Playing 1991(1975)

Feedback (1965)

Clinical competence (1975)

Clinical Clerkship 1991(1983)

Videotape Recording (1974)

Program Evaluation (1989)


Patient Simulation (1992)

Computer Simulation (1987)

Programmed Instruction as Topic 2008(1966)

Faculty (1968)

Keywords for Medical Education



Medical curriculum

Medical education

Medical school

Continuing medical education

Distance education

Graduate medical education

E learning

Educational technology


Instructional technology

Integrated Learning Systems





MeSH Subheadings Official Listing & Definitions

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