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Clinical Affiliates: Apply for Library Privileges

This is a Two-Step Process

The Medical Library cannot grant you a Library Account until you have completed the following process with the Hebert Wertheim College of Medicine's Human Resources Department. A Library Account is not automatically granted when you receive an FIU Account. Once you receive an FIU account, you must inform the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine's Human Resources that you want a Library Account and they will give us the necessary information to create your Library Account.

  • Step 1: apply to HWCOM HR for a Person-of-Interest FIU Account.
  • Step 2: after HR gives you your FIU Account (FIU e-mail, PantherID, and instructions to reset your password), ask HR for a library account. (They will then get in touch with us and provide us with the necessary information we need to create your additional Library Account).

Step 1: you will first need an active Person-of-Interest FIU Account

   What is an FIU account?

  • An FIU account  consists of the following...
    • FIU e-mail
    • username (which is the first part of your e-mail)
    • PantherID (a seven-digit number)
    • password (you will get instructions to reset it upon the creation of your account),

   How do you get an FIU Account?


  • ‚ÄčPlease note that it takes HR 6-8 weeks to process you application and create your FIU account. Upon doing so, they will e-mail with your new FIU e-mail, username, PantherID, and login instructions.
  • Requesting library privileges is an additional step. You will not automatically receive a Library Account when your FIU Account is created.
  • If you wish to contact the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine HR department with general questions, their main line is 305-348-0621.

Step 2: Inform Human Resources that you also want a Library Account

  • Once you receive your FIU e-mail, username, PantherID, and password, you must let HWCOM's Human Resources, (not the Medical Library), know that you want a Library Account.
  • Once you inform HR that you are interested in receiving a library account, they will send the us the necessary information so that we can create your Library Account for you.
  • Upon creating your Library Account, we will e-mail you instructions about how to use the library website.
  • REMEMBER: You do not automatically receive a Library Account when your FIU Account is created. Requesting library privileges is an additional step.
Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Medical Library
305 348-1466 (phone)
305 348-0631 (fax)
11200 SW 8th Street, GL 380
Miami, FL 33199