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RefWorks® was originally created by a company called by RefWorks, LLC  In 2008, it was acquired by ProQuest, LLC. Recently, it has been rebranded as ProQuest RefWorks.

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Below are annotated screenshots of RefWorks'...

  • Online Version
  • (Remember, there is not desktop version)
  • Browser Capture Citation Tool
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Google Docs Integration

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Online Version (there is no Desktop Version)

Remember, RefWorks has no desktop version.  You always sign into your account and interact with it online except for when you are working in your desktop version of Microsoft Word. (In this case, the Word add-in) will sync with your online account. Below are also boxes explaining RefWork's Web Capture plug-in (also featured on another tab of this guide) and RefWorks's Microsoft Word add-in (also featured in another tab of the guide). 

Browser Citation Capture Tool

RefWorks' "Save to RefWorks" tool works well in multiple browsers. Install it by making your bookmarks toolbar visible, signing into your online RefWorks account, going to "Tools", and dragging the "Save to RefWorks" button into your bookmarks toolbar. The Save to RefWorks bookmark will detect potential references from a single item you are viewing or a list of results that you might be viewing in your browser. If it's a single item, you can edit (add missing or fix incorrect) citation metadata (title, year, publication, author). You can also decide to which folder you want to save your item(s). If the Save to RefWorks bookmark detects a PDF (only when you are looking at single item), you have the option of sending the PDF in addition to the citation metadata.

Microsoft Word Integration

RefWorks gives you two options for citing while you write.  One is a Word Ribbon add-in.  The other is a Windows Store add-in. The Windows Store add-in only works for Windows PC users and not for Apple users.  The first was once called RefWorks’ “Write’N’Cite” and the other is called “RefWorks Citation Manager." Use either  to begin adding citations that you have already already stored in your synced EndNote Library. This is how it would appear in Microsoft Word 2016 on a Windows PC.

Google Docs Integration

RefWorkss allow you to insert citations from your RefWorks Library when you are writing in a Google Doc.  This can be very useful if you are collaborating on a paper or assignment.  Just install the RefWorks Google Doc add-on and be sure to make sure you have shared the proper RefWorks folder with your collaborators. You can live edit and cite while you write.

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