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HOW TO: Find It @ FIU - Citation Linker - (Instructions)

From the Medical Library Homepage

The Libraries' "Find it @ FIU" citation linker technology enables you to enter known information about a resource and retrieve the item quickly. Once you fill out the form, an intermediate page will pop up telling you whether or not we have the article.  If the FIU Libraries subscribe to the volume and issue of this article, this intermediate page should show the options you have for linking to the full-text. Upon clicking any of these links, you should be linked either directly to the article or to the journal's website where you can chase down the item by choosing the correct volume (often year) and issue. If we do not have the article in our collection, the option to place an interlibrary loan request will appear. 

An Example in Screenshots

Sometimes, the Find It @ FIU Citation Linker will be embedded in the the record of the article you are attempting to access.  It often appears in PubMed and Google Scholar. If it does not, you can go through the library website and find the Citation Linker itself.

1. Go to "Research and Resources."

2. Click on the "Find It @ FIU" box.


3. Fill out the form with some combination of the citation data you know about the article.  This could be the article's title and publication year.  You may want to include the name of the journal and the first/lead author's last name and first name. Usually this is sufficient to find the article you are looking for.  If the search fails, you may have to fill our more fields (i.e. ISSN, volume, issue, etc...). If the article has a PMID (meaning that it is indexed in the PubMed database) all you need to enter is that.  You can skip the article title and publication year and simply type in the PMID into field at the bottom of the form labeled PubMED ID.


4. The citation linker will indicate whether or not we have the article.  If we do not, the option to click "Interlibrary Loan" will be there.

If we do not have the article...

If we do not have the article in our collection, the option to place an interlibrary loan request will appear.  An example of what this would look like is below. Instructions for doing this are also on our Interlibrary Loan (aka ILLiad) guide.


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