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Mobile Resources: Micromedex

About IBM Micromedex

IBM Watson Health (about) makes their suite of IBM Micromedex (about) tools available in a variety of subscription packages along with three corresponding IBM Micromedex Mobile Apps (about). Note: since IBM Watson Health only acquired this product from a company called Truven Analytics in 2018, you may still see that name in the URL of the mobile apps help documentation. You can learn how Truven Analytics has been reorganized within IBM Watson health by clicking here.


Additional Notes

  • You should not have to pay to download any of these apps.
  • Once you have followed the steps below, you can use these Micromedex Mobile apps regardless of who is providing your internet connection.


Currently there is no product page for the version of Micromedex to which the Medical Library subscribes but you can learn what content is in our subscription package by clicking on "My Subscription" at the top of the search page or reading the PDF attached below.

Our Subscription

You can access the most general, online version by clicking on this Micromedex (via the FIU Medical Library) link (you will have to scroll down the page to find it). We also license three corresponding drug reference mobile apps. The three apps we provide include: Micromedex Drug Reference (aka Drug Ref), Micromedex Drug Interactions (aka Drug Int), and Micromedex IV Compatability (aka IV Comp). ​You can download them by going through the App Store (see the App Store Preview here) for Apple iOS devices or by clicking on this Google Play Store link for Android devices. Unlike some apps the Medical Library provides, Micromedex does not allow you to create a personal account. (We subscribe to it for all of our users via an institutional account and provide you with a vendor-supplied institutional password.)


Remember: we have an institutional subscription, so there is not need to make a personal account.


Florida International University Medical Library Instructions with Screenshots

  1. Download the app or apps but not start within the app or apps themselves.
  2. Go to Micromedex via our website by clicking on this Micromedex (via the Medical Library) link or by going to the Medical Library Homepage and using the following path: Medical Databases > M > Micromedex
  3. If you are off-campus and have not already been prompted to sign into a library session with your FIU credentials, you will be asked to do so now. (This is especially important if you are an affiliated community-based faculty member or medical resident). If you are on our campus Wi-FI  or on a campus computer, you may be able to skip this sign-in step.
  4. Once on the Micromedex landing page, scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of the page and click on “Download Mobile Apps”. (See screenshot below).
  1. On the next page, you will get instructions (which describes steps you have already done). The password you need will be listed in Step 4 of the webpage instructions.  These instructions accompany each of the three IBM Micromedex apps (Drug RefDrug Int, and IV Comp). Since this is a public library guide, we have blanked out the password.  This password will also periodically change.

Screenshot of what you'll see on our website taken form an off-campus computer. Date: Spring 2019.


  1. If you have not done so already, dowloand one, two, or all three of the apps.
  2. Once you have the password, use it to login into your Micromedex Drug Ref app (or whichever app you choose to use).
  3. You are now ready to begin using your Micromedex Drug Ref app (or whichever app you chose to download).



If you wish to view the earlier instructions (by Truven Analytics) that IBM Watson Health now provides on its website, go to Because FIU subscribes to a Micromedex package, these are the instructions that apply to you.

Availability Table

  The online version (via your internet browser) is also available to users via our Medical Library's institutional subscription. There is a corresponding app that you can use because it is tied to our institutional subscription. Instead of creating a personal account, you must use a vendor-provided institutional or authentication link password to use this app.

MicroMedex Drug Reference, Drug Interactions, and IV Compatibility

 (password - instructions provided on this guide)
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305 348-1466 (phone)
305 348-0631 (fax)
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