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Mobile Resources: VisualDx

About VisualDx

Logical Images (about) produces a diagnostic clinical decision support system called VisualDx (about) that allows users to build a custom differential diagnosis. It can be accessed via an internet browser or as an mobile app.

Additional Notes

  • You should not have to pay to download the app.
  • As long as you are you are logged into the VisualDx Mobile App with the account you set up (instructions are below), you can use it regardless of who is providing your internet connection.

Options to Download

Our Subscription

Remember, you can access the online browser version by clicking this VisualDx (via the Medical Library) link. Below are instructions to download and set up the app version on your mobile devices.


If you already have a personal VisualDx account, download and open the app on your device and sign in.  If you do not yet have a personal VisualDx account, follow the instruction below.

FIU Medical Library Instructions with Screenshots

  1. Download the app but do not start within in the app itself
  2. Go to VisualDx via our website by clicking on this VisualDx (via the Medical Library) link or going to the Medical Library Homepage and using the following path: Medical Databases > V > VisualDx
  3. If you are off-campus and have not already been prompted to sign into a library session with your FIU credentials, you will be asked to do so now. (This is especially important if you are an affiliated community-based faculty member or medical resident). If you are on our campus Wi-Fi or on a campus computer, you may be able to skip this sign-in step
  4. Once on the VisualDx homepage, create an account from either the upper right-hand “Sign In” option or the “Get the Mobile App” option that appears in the middle of the page.
  1. If you click “Get the Mobile App”, it will prompt you to “Create a personal VisualDx Account”
  2. ​You will be prompted to enter your e-mail and create a password. You must use your FIU e-mail to create your account so that VisualDx recognizes you have access to its product via your affiliation with FIU.
  3. Be sure to remember your username (which is your FIU e-mail) and the password you made. You will need these credentials the first time you start using app. 
  4. Once you have an account, open the app on your device and sign in with the account you just created.
  5. You are now ready to begin using your VisualDx app.


Once you have set up your VisualDx account, you do not have to be using campus Wi-Fi or simulating our IP range to use VisualDx.  You may use your VisualDx app by connecting to your hospital or clinic's Wi-Fi, (any Wi-Fi actually), and making sure you are signed into your app with the account you just created.


If you wish to view the instructions that VisualDx provides on its website, go to

Availability Table

  The online version (via your internet browser) is also available to users via our Medical Library's institutional subscription. There is a corresponding app that you can use because it is tied to our institutional subscription. You need to create a personal account to use the mobile app. You must use your FIU e-mail to set up your account/app.
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