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Where to Publish: Choosing a Journal

This is designed to assist in determining where to publish, avoid predatory journals, and understand journal rankings as well as impact factors.

Questions to Ask Before You Start

  • What are some of the journals within your discipline or specialty? What journals do you regularly read and consult? Where have similar articles like yours appeared?
  • Think about your medical specialty's professional association or society. Chances are you will find a journal or publication where you can submit a manuscript. If not, consult your peers or colleagues in the field and ask them for suggestions.
  • Consider where the journal is indexed.  Will it be discoverable? Do the major databases index this journal? For medical, health, or biomedical literature, check the list Journals Indexed in PubMed. In addition, also consider searching UlrichsWeb: Global Serials Directory where you can find detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals (a.k.a. serials) of all types: academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.

After You Have Decided on the Journal, Look at Its Website

  • Examine its aim, scope, publisher reputation, author information, and types of articles published.
  • Consider its peer-review policy and acceptance rate.
  • What is its availability? Does the journal require a subscription to read, or is it freely available online?
  • Look at the journal's metrics. Although what qualifies as a good impact factor varies by discipline, we provide a list of efforts to rank journals in the "Journal Directories" tab of this guide.
  • Review the author guidelines and instructions. Make sure you determine the word count/length, formatting, citation style, and any special instructions on tables/figures/images. It is vital to adhere closely to the these guidelines and specifications. Failing to do so may result in delays or rejection to even review the manuscript.
  • Consider who will own the copyright.

The Publication Cycle

Publishing Cycle

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Journal Directories

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